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The Four

There’s a lot going on at Point of Rental. The Four introduces you to new Pointers along with the occasional software or company news in four-minute increments each week.

The Front Porch

We talk to Pointers and rental leaders to find out who they are and how they got here, all working together in one big industry.

Quarter Notes

Every quarter, we’ll talk to our product managers about the software updates that excite them and the ones you should be looking forward to.

Reflection Point

Five-year anniversaries are a time to look back on what a Pointer has done, where they’re going, and who’s helped them along the way.
Content Lab

Looking for something different?

Rejected videos. Behind-the-scenes videos. A random business name generator. Advice columns. Rental-based personality quizzes. Some things are too weird for Point of Rental’s website, but they’re right at home in the Content Lab.


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